PyramidalTests, past and future

Publication Date: 2021-05-15

PyramidalTests is an essential project for us since it is the framework with which all our remaining projects are tested.

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StratusPHP: Showing the SElements plugin in action.

Publication Date: 2020-10-24

With this video we intend to show the SElements plugin in action.

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StratusPHP and the development of mobile applications (Demo)

Publication Date: 2020-06-28

Illustrative video about StratusPHP posibbilities to the development of mobile applications. You could notice that tere are an app compounded of a text box, a tag and a button that will show a greeting on the tag with the text introduced in the box.

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In contact with StratusPHP.

Publication Date: 2020-06-21

In this article we will show you a tutorial with the necessary steps to apply what we published about StratusPHP previously.

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Published source code of StratusPHP

Publication Date: 2020-06-17

Today(06-17-2020) we have published the source code of StratusPHP and it can be found in the next lik.

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StratusPHP. Communication by streaming.

Publication Date: 2020-05-24

First we want to thank the people who watched our StratusPHP video yesterday especially to those ones who interacted. First we want to thank to all people who watched our video about StratusPHP yesterday, especially to those ones who interacted.

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Video to reveal the development of new frameork.

Publication Date: 2020-05-23

With this video we want to show you a new framework we are developing and for now we have called it StratusPHP. This video is useful to create one page web applications (SPA) with PHP.

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