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PyramidalTests, past and future

PyramidalTests is an essential project for us since it is the framework with which all our remaining projects are tested.

We created this project because we consider that the way of creating tests using nested functions, which is called BDD style, saves a lot of work compared to the method proposed by PHPUnit that requires that a class be created for each test case.

Before creating it, we did a study of all the alternatives that were in PHP for the creation of BDD-style tests, but we did not find anything that completely adjusted to our needs. Of the alternatives we studied, those that were built on PHPUnit required a certain way of working, and those that were not, since it was not so easy to do such integration. We had been working with PHPUnit for several years and what we needed was simply to be able to write the tests in that style, but still have each of its characteristics.

For these reasons, we decided to create PyramidalTests where we initially conceived it as an extension of PHPUnit.

As soon as we had the first versions, we began to use it in real projects and little by little we developed new features, correcting bugs, etc., and in general, these have been the antecedents of the first version of PyramidalTests.

Undoubtedly, this project has been very useful to us since we have used it and we plan to continue using it in all our current and future projects.

Unfortunately, this first version was not without some shortcomings where without a doubt the main one becomes more significant every day and that is that it can only work with version 7 of PHPUnit which has already been declared obsolete and unsupported.

For this reason, we have started to develop a second version of PyramidalTests where we aim to support all versions of PHPUnit from 8 onwards.

As we progress in its development, we intend to make publications about the new features and their advantages, among other things, with the aim of making the existence of this framework known since we want it to be used by many more programmers and therefore grow as a community dedicated to making open source software which is our goal.

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Publication Date: 2021-05-15

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