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StratusPHP. Communication by streaming.

First we want to thank the people who watched our StratusPHP video yesterday especially to those ones who interacted. First we want to thank to all people who watched our video about StratusPHP yesterday, especially to those ones who interacted.

We decided to created another video because all the comments in the previous video were positives generally. The target is show another framework characteristic.

In this case you could see that the communication between the server and the browser is realized by streaming. The label will be as a regressive meter when a number is introduced in the text box and the button is pressed, and each one will change its color and value. The most important thing we have to stress is that everything is done using just PHP.

StratusPHP. Comunicación por streamingPublicada por ThenLabs en Domingo, 24 de mayo de 2020

Publication Date: 2020-05-24

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