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Published source code of StratusPHP

Today(06-17-2020) we have published el the source code of StratusPHP that can be found in the next link .

There is important to stressed that the project undersigned is still being developed and that is why it doesn´t has a stable version. That is why it is not recommneded to be utilized in a real project and we will change some things there probably. Despide of this situation we decided to publish its source code because we would like StratusPHP to be tried by the users and we would like to receive a feedback about opinions, bugs, new characteristics, etc.

The advances of its development will be published in our blog and it will be shared in our social networks. You can keep up to date if you follow us there.

StratusPHP is a framework PHP(obviously) and its target is allow to manipulate the browser page DOM, from the PHP lenguage. It could be defined as an application web platform that unify the frontend with the backend because of its architecture and its different ways of work. The undersigned information is why StratusPHP will be used for creating one page web applications (SPA) with PHP, however, we think to extend it to other kind of applications in the future. We showed some simple videos about some StratusPHP characteristics in our social networks previously. You can find those videos in the next links.

  1. Video to reveal the development of new frameork.
  2. StratusPHP. Communication by streaming.

We will show you the way to use StratusPHP soon.

Keep up to date with us.

Fecha de publicación: 2020-06-17

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